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In-Store Offerings

We aren't just a bike shop! 

As we know coffee and riding go hand-in-hand we have a fully equipped premium take-away and sit down coffee shop in-store for you. Get your hand-roasted caffeine fix after your ride, while you browse our store or even while you’re sitting doing your emails or watching the kids on the pump track.


We are proud to be in partnership with Eighteen Coffee and Sevens Springbok Legends Kyle Brown, Cecil Afrika and Philip Snyman to bring you this inspirational service.


Our Workshop

Our workshop is headed up by Dewald Oosthuizen who has years in the bike industry and a wealth of knowledge about all bikes, from entry level to industry leading. All customers and bikes are welcomed and treated with the same level of respect and care. No matter what bike brand or issue, we can help ensure you bike is always in its best riding condition.

We use the app HubTiger which allows you to track your bikes use and reminds you when your bike is due for a service, and when that time comes you can book your bike in online with ease from your phone.

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Bike Sales

We only stock what we know and trust and therefore work with Trek Bikes to bring you industry leading bikes - right from kiddies bikes, to entry level, to high-end race machines.


We have a large range of mountain bikes, gravel bikes, E-bikes and road bikes and so can match a bike to your specific needs and riding style. Every bike purchased will get a free first service on us to ensure your new bike is running at its best.

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As we know the value of testing a bike, we have a pump track set up in our garden for you to try out your new or serviced bike and ensure it is running smoothly.


The pump track is child friendly and is a great way to let your child burn off some energy while you sit down, relax and have a cup of coffee in full view of the pump track.